Engraving, turns an already beautiful gift into an individual and exquisite one. It personalises your Sterling Silver gift to celebrate an event, a thank's or recognition of an achievement. If you wish to include engraving on your products make sure you enter the engraving section in the shopping basket.


We offer three typefaces: Times, Goudy and Script. There are no hard rules of which typeface to use, popularity suggests Times for boys/men, Script for girls/ladies and Goudy as an in between and on larger items where the lettering is large too.


We use the latest in C.A.D engraving equipment. This technology coupled with our experienced craftsmen creates beautiful inscriptions, perfectly balanced to give stunning results every time.


Any items that have been engraved cannot be returned.


Clock Typeface: Times New Roman            Box Typeface: Script

The surrounding products show examples of how the engraving will look, please see our typefaces/fonts examples below to choose the one for you.