Sterling Silver Pheasant Pair 1/4 size

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This pair of pheasants is part of the traditional range of British birds for which Comyns is justly renowned. Magnificently hand chased from beak to tail tip, the birds were originally modelled from actual pheasants. The quarter size pheasants are cast in five separate parts of solid silver, cast from a wax mould. A hand craftsman would then hand-chase all the details of the feathers to re-emphasize the detail that cannot be in the casting, to highlight all its life-like features. Chasing is one of the oldest silversmithing skills still used today, where the silversmith, using special tools, moves the silver to create a 3 dimensional design. This is a different method from engraving, where silver is removed to make a pattern. The use of these hand skills ensures each piece is unique as each hand stroke will be different. The cock Pheasant stands at 8cm tall and the hen Pheasant stands at 6.5cm tall. The pair weighs 280g of solid silver

Dimensions: Cock 8cm (3.1"), Hen 6.5cm(2.6")

Engraving: Unfortunately engraving is not available for this product

Item No: 6027

NOTE: Made to order please call 01386 834101 (normal office hours) for more details. Price varies according to silver price please confirm when ordering.

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