Lifesize Fruit

Lifesize Fruit

Lifesize Fruit
First established in the UK in 1645, Comyns is one of the oldest and most prestigious gold and silversmiths in the world. Comyns is renowned for bedroom and desk silver, the manufacture of dressing table pieces and more recently, renowned interpretative works, including those of Paul de-Lamarie, the most highly prized of all silversmiths. Many of its original pieces today command significant prices when auctioned at Christie's, Sotheby's or Phillips, and many of these masterpieces still grace the Great Houses of Great Britain.

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Sterling Silver Apple

Item No: 6008

£299.00 *

Sterling Silver & Gilt Banana

Item No: 6009

£349.00 *

Sterling Silver Coconut

Item No: 6010

£299.00 *

Sterling Silver Custard Apple

Item No: 6011

£279.00 *

Sterling Silver & Gilt Lemon

Item No: 6013

£299.00 *

Sterling Silver Durian

Item No: 6012

£299.00 *

Sterling Silver & Gilt Mangosteen

Item No: 6014

£229.00 *

Sterling Silver Papaya

Item No: 6015

£249.00 *

Sterling Silver & Gilt Pineapple

Item No: 6016

£799.00 *

Sterling Silver & Gilt Starfruit

Item No: 6017

£299.00 *
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