Vases & Jugs

Vases & Jugs
Beautifully crafted, our wonderful range of vases and jugs are some of the most elegant and exquisite that you’ll find. We have beautiful sterling silver and crystal options, and a stunning contemporary collection. Whichever one you choose you can be sure to add a wonderful addition to your space, whether you use these pieces for practical or ornamental purposes.

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Product no.: 2416

Large Oval Hammered Vase

Item No: 2416

£72.50 *
Product no.: 2503

Water Jug

Item No: 2503

£225.00 *
Product no.: 2411

Round Vase

Item No: 2411

£125.00 *
Product no.: 2418

Pewter Twist Vase - Small

Item No: 2418

£50.00 *
Product no.: 2417

Pewter Twist Vase - Medium

Item No: 2417

£75.00 *
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