Wine & Accessories

Wine & Accessories

Wine & Accessories
From our stunning glassware through to our exquisite bottle stoppers, wine pourers and funnels, our wonderful wine accessories make an ideal gift for anyone who likes the occasional tipple. We have items to suit any taste – from our beautiful stag horn bar range right through to the stunning silver options and let’s not forget the award-winning pewter celebration wine pourer from Royal Selangor.

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Silver Plated Wine Bottle Stopper

Item No: 0984

£10.00 *

Silver Plated - Item No: 0929 Also In Sterling Silver - Item No: 0966 @ £50.00

£6.64 *

3 Piece Wine Set

Item No: 0988

£10.00 *

4 Piece Wine Set

Item No: 0989

£12.50 *

Silver Plated Cocktail Shaker

Item No: 09014

£230.00 *
* Prices incl. VAT, plus delivery