Our elegant collection of coasters will ensure your table tops are drip-free and offer a beautiful home for drinking glasses, wine bottles, champagne bottles and decanters alike. Whether you’re looking for a style to match contemporary décor or a more classic option to fit traditional furnishings, you’re sure to find the right product here.

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Tumbler Coaster

Item No: 1105

£115.75 *

Straight Sided Coaster

Item No's: Straight 1101 - Heavy 1115 - Magnum 1104

£175.00 *
Product no.: 6056

Sterling Silver Magnum Coaster

Item No: 6056

£999.00 *
Product no.: 1120

Slate and Sterling Silver Coaster

Item No: 1120

£199.00 *

(Variation: Bellied Coaster)

Heavy Bellied Coaster

Item No: 1102

£175.00 *
* Prices incl. VAT, plus delivery