Flutes & Ice Buckets

Flutes & Ice Buckets

Flutes & Ice Buckets
If there’s cause for celebration then why not celebrate in style with our fantastic range beautiful flutes and ice buckets. We have lovely crystal flutes for a more classic look, as well as painstakingly crafted hammered flutes which suit any style. Our ice buckets are worth a mention too – made from heavy crystal they are cool and sophisticated, keeping ice intact for hours.

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Silver Plated Chelsea Ice Bucket

Item No: 09017

£80.00 *

(Variation: Single)

Item No's: Single 0978 - Set of Six 0979

£30.00 *

Pewter Celebration Flutes

Item No: 0996

£60.00 *

Crystal & Sterling Silver Ice Pail *Sale Item*

Was £242.50 Now Only £175.00!


£175.00 *
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Sterling Silver Ice Tongs *Sale Item*

Was £242.50 Now Only £150.00!


£150.00 *
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