For Him

For Him

For Him
Looking for that unique piece to set you apart or perhaps a gift for a loved one - our accessories should fit the bill!

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Sterling Silver Golf Pitch Repairer

Item No: 0413

£80.00 *

Sterling Silver Golf Ball Marker

Item No: 0414

£33.50 *

Sterling Silver Collar Stays

Item No: 1044

£52.50 *

Plain Oval Military hairbrush (showing hand-engraved crest - not included in price)

Item No's: Single 0801 - Pair 0805

£240.00 *
Delivery weight: 0.57 kg

Sterling Silver Mans Comb

Item No: 0803

£86.50 *
Delivery weight: 0.08 kg

Black Leather Triple Watch & Accessories Holder

Item No: 1097

£22.50 *

Silver Plated Round cigar cutter

Item No: 0508

£15.00 *
Delivery weight: 0.21 kg

Rizla Sleeve

Item No: 2907

£79.50 *

Sterling Silver Snooker Chalk Holder

Item No: 5404

£80.00 *

Silver Plated Oval Travel Alarm with Photograph

Item No: 1533

£32.50 *

Tassel Bookmark

Item No: 1018

£55.00 *

Silver Plain Business Card Case

Item No's Silver Plated 1039 - Sterling Silver 1040

£17.50 *

Silver Plated Clock / Keyring Set

Item No: 1633

£30.00 *

Sterling Silver Guitar Plectrum

Item No: 3210

£27.50 *

Silver Plated Golf Pitch Repairer / Shoe Horn

Item No: 3211

£15.00 *

Sterling Silver Toothpick

Item No: 3213

£57.50 *

Sterling Silver Compass *Sale Item*

Item No: 3214

Was £72.50 Now Only £60.00!

£60.00 *

Sterling Silver Poker Dice

Item No: 3215

£107.23 *

Sterling Silver Napkin Holder

Item No: 3218

£67.50 *

Sterling Silver Whistle

Item No: 3217

£99.00 *

Silver Plated Cricket Ball Paperweight

Item No: 1314

£40.00 *

Silver Plated Rugby Ball Paperweight

Item No: 1315

£45.00 *

Silver Plated Football paperweight

Item No: 1316

£45.00 *

Silver Plated Shoe Horn Lint Brush

Item No: 5221

£7.50 *
Notecase *Sale Item*

Was £59.00 Now Only £25.00!

£25.00 *
Credit Card Case *Sale Item*

Was £35.00 Now Only £15.00!

£15.00 *
Wallet *Sale Item*

Was £89.00 Now Only £35.00!

£35.00 *
Small Jewel Box *Sale Item*

Was £299.00 Now Only £125.00!

£125.00 *
*Sale Item* Billfold Wallet

Was £59.00 Now Only £25.00!

£25.00 *
Travel Tray *Sale Item*

Was £39.00 Now Only £15.00!

£15.00 *
* Prices incl. VAT, plus delivery
1 - 30 of 38 results

Mens Cufflinks & Boxes

Mens Cufflinks & Boxes

Our beautiful sterling silver cufflink ranges, some with a contemporary twist, bring timeless elegance to your appearance. Our enamel cufflinks boast individualism not to mention patriotism and our boxes are the perfect acompliment to keep your collection.


Our exceptional range of shaving products comes from Edwin Jagger – a company that sets the standard for impeccable male grooming. Dedication and commitment to quality is synonymous with Edwin Jagger products which are used by men the world over. These products exemplify traditional English quality style, combining it with state of the art design, up to the minute manufacturing techniques and the heritage of long established Sheffield craftsmanship. From the beautiful badger hair shaving brushes, through to the unrivalled collection of traditional and contemporary styled razors, this is a really wonderful collection that will satisfy the desires of all discerning wet shavers.
Field Sports

Field Sports

Our field sports collection is guaranteed to please anyone with a love of shooting, golf, or equestrian activities. From our beautiful sterling silver stirrup cups, which are certainly some of the best on the market, through to our exquisite hipflasks, these items are beautiful crafted and of a remarkably high quality.


Our key rings aren't just beautifully designed and made; they're little symbols of you! From hearts and stars through cats and dogs, to stirrups and sim cards, each one is designed to appeal to your idiosyncrasies and your sense of style!