Practical yet pretty, these beautiful match strikers offer a really elegant way to store your matches and are perfectly at home on a mantle piece, in the dining room, or next to your favourite candles. They make unique gifts and would be lovely presented alongside one of our fine candlesticks or candelabras.

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Product no.: 2906

Heavy Victorian Swirl Match Striker

Item No: 2906

£177.00 *
Product no.: 2905

Heavy Victorian Bubble Match Striker

Item No: 2905

£177.00 *
Product no.: 2911

Crystal & Sterling Silver Contemporary Brown Matchstricker

Item No: 2911

£177.00 *
Product no.: 2912

Crystal & Sterling Silver Contemporary Blue Matchstriker

Item No: 2912

£177.00 *
Product no.: 516

Match Box Cover

Item No: 0516

£112.34 *
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